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Melvin has written Opinion articles and provided various comments for Caterer and Hotelkeeper on topical hotel industry issues. Links to these articles appear below (NB. Copyright of these articles rests with Caterer and Hotelkeeper).



"This year's royal event should be better for business than last year's" April 2012

The quest to fill empty times is nothing new in the hospitality business. It has been going on for decades, if not forever, says hotel consultant Melvin Gold. - April 2012

The Mid-market fights back - 27 May 2011. "Market development means there is no longer any hiding place for poor quality, underinvested, mid-market and independent hotels." said Melvin Gold in a Caterer feature on mid-market hotels in the UK

Anyone who says they are not discounting is missing one word - yet! said Melvin Gold at a Caterer Roundtable debate in April 2009.

To discount or not to discount? - 8 February 2009 (The consultant's view)

Tomahawk to go fourth and multiply - 7 June 2007 (Ask an Expert article concerning group expansion)

Expanding your Business - 3 May 2007 (Routes for expansion article - things to consider when adding to a property)

What were you thinking of, Mr Brown? - 5 April 2007

Uncertainty is the only safe prediction - 25 January 2007