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Keep Calm and Control Costs in 2018

The UK has been a country of uncertainty in 2017, fuelled by the drip-drip of 24-hour news. On a macro level it seems that 2018 will see more of the same: Brexit, terrorism, politics, economics and much more besides. In a blog for the Institute of Hospitality Melvin Gold makes some predictions as to what lies in store for UK hotels in 2018. Click here for the blog...

Why have Function Rooms in Hotels?

Based on his speech to the BDRC Continental Hotel Insights Forum in September 2017 Melvin has written a short article rehearsing the case for the inclusion of function rooms in hotels. There are many dimensions to consider, one size does not fit all. Click here to download the full article.

The UK Independent Hotel Sector Today

Melvin has written a report on the UK Independent Hotel Sector for The Independent Hotel Show.

In terms of its innovation and influence the UK Independent Hotel sector has rarely been stronger and had such influence. Although it is shrinking, both in terms of its overall size and as a proportion of the country’s serviced accommodation sector, those that have survived – and Independent hotel rooms still comprise more than half of the serviced accommodation rooms in the UK – have thrived because they have truly understood the requirements of the 21st Century traveller and striven to satisfy their requirements..........

To download a free copy of the full report, click here

What does 2016 hold for UK Hotels?

Melvin was asked to provide some thoughts for The Caterer magazine about the likely themes an issues for UK hotels in 2016. His optimistic side was dominant, click here to see the article.

Dear Prime Minister.....

The hospitality and tourism sector creates sustainable jobs that cannot be exported, within the country's vibrant service sector. Melvin participated in a round table discussion organised by the Institute of Hospitality prior to the 2015 General Election. For the resulting article, published in Hospitality magazine, click here.

UK hotels face a branded future.

Compared with 1990, today’s hotel industry is unrecognisable; further change is inevitable with stronger brands, more fragmented ownership and fewer independent operators. By 2030 six out of every ten hotels will be corporate branded.

This article first appeared in Hospitality Digest 2014 - click for a pdf of the article


For older articles visit our News and Views archive by clicking here.



Melvin is present at many hotel industry conferences and events. Most recently he moderated a session between owners and operators, Power Couples, at the Independent Hotel Show 2017 in October 2017. Earlier in 2017 he delivered a speech entitled 'Why have meeting rooms in hotels?'at the BDRC Hotel Insights Forum, moderated a 'New Owners on the Block' session at the Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit and participated in a Revenue Management panel session at the Great Hospitality Show, NEC, Birmingham in January. In the prior year he presented two panel sessions at the Independent Hotel Show 2016, launching his report on the Independent Hotel sector (Click here for more details), and moderated a debate on brand value at HOSPACE in November 2016.

He is a regular attendee during the largest UK industry conference, the Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester annually in October. Melvin will also be present at the Master Innholders Hotel General Managers' Conference in January 2018.

Melvin Gold at Hotel Marketing Conference 2011Melvin Gold at Hotel marketing conferencePhoto courtesy of Katherine Alano, Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine

In September 2010 Melvin moderated a panel entitled "Strategies for recovery in 2010 and beyond" at Euromoney's 10th Annual European Hotel Finance & Investment Summit and in the same month made a return visit to the Hotel Booking Agents Association annual forum where he gave the keynote address.

Melvin attends a host of industry events including presentations on hotel industry issues for banks and industry bodies. Apart from private client events, in 2011 he moderated a round table discussion on hotel pricing and related issues for the Institute of Hospitality and was a speaker at the launch of BSI's Corporate Benchmark Report.

Melvin was the keynote speaker at Caterer and Hotelkeeper's Innovative Marketing in Hospitality Conference in London in November 2011. Click here for Melvin's powerpoint from the event. He was also one of the 'experts' offering free advice and consultancy at the Business Clinics at the Caterer and Hotelkeeper Business Summit in June 2012.

Melvin was a panellist at Visit England's Visitor Economy Forum 2012 on the panel covering "A sector-based analysis of the opportunities for growth in the visitor economy in England post-Olympics and
towards 2020". He was present at The Master Innholders' Hotel General Managers' conference in January 2013. In October 2013 he was a panellist discussing planning and bedstock exiting the market at the Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester and was also the keynote speaker at the Conference Centres of Excellence Members Forum.

2014 saw an appearance at the St Julian's Scholars spring conference on a panel discussing Low Pay and the Minimum Wage. He was also a guest speaker at The Hotel Summit (http://www.forumevents.co.uk/forum/hotel-summit/hotel-summit.html) in May on the subject of "The UK Hotel Industry - Structurally Changing" and moderated a session at The Independent Hotel Show (click for details).

In May 2015 Melvin was a panellist at The Caterer Conferences Digital Summit and moderated the Finance panel at The Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester.


Melvin has written Opinion articles and provided various comments for Caterer and Hotelkeeper on topical hotel industry issues. The articles can be viewed by clicking here.(NB. Copyright of these articles rests with Caterer and Hotelkeeper).