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Melvin Gold Consulting Limited was formed in April 2004 and offers a specialist service to those involved, or seeking to become involved, in the hotel industry.

Melvin Gold Consulting Ltd: your ideal partner for the hotel sector

Melvin Gold Consulting Ltd is a specialist hotel industry advisory firm with Melvin working as the principal consultant on behalf of his clients.  Melvin has a wide range of industry contacts and his reputation in the sector has meant that a significant number and variety of clients have utilised the services of Melvin Gold Consulting Ltd.

Melvin GoldThe assignments undertaken to date have seen clients successfully acquire and/or develop hotels, take strategic advice with regard to their business, or develop and support a business plan through quality research.  We have also been involved in planning appeals and litigation support as well as pre-acquisition due diligence.  Most work has been undertaken by Melvin but on occasion we have acted as sub-contractor and there have been other times when we have brought in support from others.

Melvin is an active networker with a significant number of relationships with other professionals.  He frequently attends industry conferences and networking events.  We are dedicated to the provision of advice and the creation of relationships which add value to our clients and meet their industry objectives.  If others are better qualified to assist, or will complement our services then were are happy to introduce other professional assistance to the situation.  Our focus is simply on adding value for our clients in the hotel sector.

Melvin Gold Consulting Ltd is a small company with big ambitions!  It works effectively with large or small companies, whether new to the sector or well established.  As your specialist partner in the hotel sector, we will together achieve your business objectives.